Cups Designed by Masahiro Mori

Masahiro Mori is one of Japan's most famous porcelain designers. He studied at the Department of Industrial Design of the Tama Art University and joined the design unit of Hakusan Toki in 1956.

In 1958, he designed the G-model soy sauce pitcher which won the 1961 Good Design Award that became the symbol of Hakusan.

"I want to give form to tableware that people can use every day. Factory production makes it possible for many people to enjoy them in their daily life. That is my pleasure as a designer." The porcelain ware that was born out of Mori's design philosophy changed the look of the necessary tableware in the new life of post-war Japan. He has received many prizes in Japan and in other countries.

His last work was to design the "Wa" series for Muji in 2004.

Mori worked approximately 20 years as a designer for Hakusan. His relationship with Hakusan continued as a consulting designer even after he left the company in 1978.

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