Six Different Sizes Daruma Doll

Six Different Sizes Daruma Doll

Six Different Sizes Daruma Doll
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Daruma is used as a motivational tool for Japanese. It is a wishing doll that helps Japanese to achieve goals and dreams. The daruma's rounded shape means it regains its balance after it is tipped over repeatedly, representing patience and perseverance. Daruma is associated with a Japanese proverb, Nanakorobi yaoki which means fall down seven times, get up eight. Daruma reminds us all to never give up on our goals and dreams.

Paper mache daruma

Choose from the following six sizes from the drop down box above:

3-3/4 inches tall, #590061, ($12.95)

4-1/2 inches tall, 3-5/8 inches width, #590062, ($15.95), Sold out.

5-3/4 inches tall, 4 inches width, #590063, ($21.95), Sold out.

7-3/4 inches tall, 6-7/8 inches width, #590065 ($34.95), Sold out.

10 inches tall, 8-1/4 inches width, #590067, ($55.95), Sold out.

11-1/2 inches tall, 9-3/4 inches width, #590070, ($76.95), Sold out.

Here are three steps to using a daruma doll: 1. Make a goal/wish on a daruma doll that you want to achieve for instance before starting a new business, before taking an exam or before participating in a race, or such similar goals. 2. Draw a pupil on the left eye of the daruma to signify your commitment to achieving your goal. 3. Once you've achieved your goal, draw in the darumas's right pupil to say thank you and a job well done!

Made in Takaoka, Japan.

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