Kamenoko Tawashi Twisted Scrubber

Kamenoko Tawashi Twisted Scrubber

Kamenoko Tawashi Twisted Scrubber
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"Kamenoko" means turtle, "tawashi" means scrubber in Japanese. The palm fiber brush has been used in Japan for over 100 years. Each Kamenoko tawashi is packed in its distinctive "Kamenoko" log mark package.

Made of 100% palm fibers. Kamenoko tawashi contains more palm fibers than most tawashi and is hard, durable and waterproof. It's useful to scrub vegetables, clean cast iron pots and pans and is also a useful tool to clean sinks and bathtubs.

Twisted design eliminates the outer metal wire ring and its length make it ideal for cleaning deep or hard to reach items, such as drinking glasses.

It should not be used on delicate finishes, teflon-coated pans, or breakable objects.

3-3/4 inches long, 3 inches width, and 1-3/4 inches high.

Made in Japan.

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