Copper Tea Canister, Chazutsu  <br>Teuchi Tsuime & Tea Scoop SetZoom

Copper Tea Canister, Chazutsu
Teuchi Tsuime & Tea Scoop Set

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Copper Tea Canister Chazutsu Teuchi Tsuime

A handcrafted copper tea canister with inner lid to keep your tea fresh. This canister is made by master craftsmen using a technique called "Tsuiki".

This is the art of shaping by mallets a sheet of copper to flatten, stretch and pound the material to the desired shape. A beautiful canister evolves.

The canister is airtight by the use of an inner lid to seal the contents then has a smoothly sliding outer lid, matching the body of the canister. After daily use, copper color will change nicely.

4-1/2" tall, 3" in diameter.
Holds about 120 grams (4.2 ounces).

Matching copper tea scoop, 3" in length, 1" in width.

Made in Japan

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