Toto Jasmin S300 Washlet

Toto Jasmin S300 Washlet
Toto Jasmin S300 Washlet
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Product Description

  • Gentle Aerated Warm Water
  • Front and Rear Washing
  • Massage Feature with Cycling Motion
  • Warm Air Drying with Variable Three-Temperature Setting
  • Automatic Air Deodorizer
  • Heated Seat with Temperature Control
  • SoftClose Antibacterial Seat
  • Convenient Wireless Remote Control with Large LCD Panel
  • Docking Station for Easy Cleaning & Installation

Jasmin is TOTO's full-featured Washlet, designed with ultimate luxury in mind. Activated with a convenient remote control, the Jasmin Washlet wand extends at the touch of a button to provide a gentle stream of warm aerated water. Jasmin integrates front and rear cleansing with a pulsating water feature and even a massage feature, which cycles front and rear streams for unparalleled cleaning. You can adjust the water temperature, water pressure and the position of the cleansing stream for your comfort.

With Jasmin, cleansing is followed by a mild hands-free warm air dryer, adjustable to three settings. The heated seat provides comfort and relaxation at a temperature you control. And Jasmin's built-in air deodorizer keeps the bathroom fresh during and after use.

All TOTO Washlets draw water directly from your home's fresh water supply, so the Washlet water is always convenient and fresh. The Washlet nozzle self-cleans automatically before and after each use. Washlet seats are made from antibacterial plastics and feature the TOTO SoftClose hinge to eliminate annoying "toilet seat slam."

The Jasmin Washlet is appropriate for both men and women. Seniors, children or those with limited mobility may find it to be especially helpful. Everyone at any age can enjoy regular use.


  • Jasmin may not fit certain toilet bowl designs.
  • Please include your toilet manufacturer's name and model number (from the under side of the tank lid) with your order in the comments section of our order form if you want us to check for compatability with your toilet. You may also click on the compatability chart to see if it will fit on your toilet.
  • Please select and order carefully, because of sanitary reasons Washlets are not returnable.

    Click here for Washlet S300 (Jasmin) Compatability Chart & Benefits