The Tea Ceremony by Sendo Tanaka

The Tea Ceremony by Sendo Tanaka

The Tea Ceremony by Sendo Tanaka
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From the cover..."In Japan, serving tea is an art and a spiritual discipline. As an art, the tea ceremony is an occasion to appreciate the clean lines of the tea room's design, the feel of the bowl in the hand, the company of friends, and a simple moment of purity. As a discipline, it has roots in the twelfth century and intimate connections to architecture, landscape gardening, ceramics, painting, flower arrangement, and, of course, Zen Buddhism.

Written by contemporary tea masters, The Tea Ceremony takes a clear and comprehensive look at the sources and inspiration of this ancient discipline. The authors trace the practice from its earliest origins to the present day considering in detail the individuals who helped it evolve. They discuss all the elements of the ceremony-including art, architecture, incense, flowers, and the influence of Zen-and show how readily the study of tea can serve as a spiritural path to greater insight and calm.

Originally published in 1973, The tea Ceremony has been revised extensively."

Revised paperback edition 2000, 223 pages, Preface by Edwin O. Reischauer, Forward by Yasushi Inoue

ISBN 4-7700-2507-6

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