Japanese Sencha, 50 gramsZoom

Japanese Sencha, 50 grams

Japanese Sencha, 50 grams
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Sencha, 1.76 ounces

This first flush Sencha comes in a vacuum packed bag, which preserves freshness.
Makes approximately 22 to 25 servings of tea.

You will enjoy the taste of sweet and astringent matched with a rich green scent.

To make good Sencha tea:

1. Cool down by pouring the boiled water into tea cups.(About 41 degree Fahrenheit (5 degree Celsius) is cooled by this method)

2. Place the tea leaves into the tea pot. 0.2 ounces-0.35 ounces (6-10 grams)(three to five teaspoonful) for 3-5 people.

3. Pour the cooled down water into the tea pot, water temperature 158 degree Fahrenheit-194 degree Fahrenheit (70 degree Celsius-90 degree Celsius). Steeping time 1-2 minutes

4.Serve equally into each tea cup until the final drop is poured. Serving temperature: 122 degree Fahrenheit-149 degree Fahrenheit (50 degree Celsius-65 degree Celsius).

Made in Mori, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan

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