The Green Tea User's Manual by Helen Gustafson

The Green Tea User's Manual by Helen Gustafson

The Green Tea User's Manual by Helen Gustafson
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From the inside cover..."Green tea has become increasingly popular in the United States, drunk not only for its delightful taste but for its myriad health benefits: it helps to control cholesterol, prevent cancer, and enhance the immune system. Yet because green tea is different from black tea, it must be steeped differently. And with the many varieties available, it quickly becomes apparent that there is more to green tea than boiling water and a tea bag.

In The Green Tea User's Manual, Chez Panisse tea sommelier Helen Gustafson reveals the secrets to brewing the perfect cup, every time. The book highlights sixteen of the most popular types of green tea, including Gunpowder, Sencha, jasmine, roasted teas, simple greeen teas, and the popular Japanese Gen Mai Cha, made with popped rice and green tea. Also covered are the different ways to make tea, whether in a cup, pot, or guywan, the traditional Chinese method. Sprinkled throughout are interesting anecdotes, quotations, and bits of tea lore and recipes are included for such delicacies as Green Tea Sauce for Ice Cream, Ochasuke (a Japanse rice and tea soup), and Green Tea Poached Halibut, among others. With a foreword by Alice Waters, more than 25 charming line drawings, and a complete mail order guide, The Green Tea User's Manual leaves no leaf unturned in helping you brew a perfect cup of tea."

Copyright 2001, 111 pages

ISBN 0-609-60824-X

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