Tsukemono Japanese Pickle Press Round shape 1.6 L or 3.0 L  Zoom

Tsukemono Japanese Pickle Press Round shape 1.6 L or 3.0 L

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Easy to use tsukemono Japanese pickle press

Use for making Japanese style pickles just season the vegetables and press the liquid out with the press.

Rectangular sized tsukemono press will fit nicely in your refrigerator.

Use for all types of pickled vegetables. Follow your favorite tsukemono recipes.

Lay flat vegetables first, please do not crowd the vegetables. Fill up the container with vegetables to about 60-70% of the capacity and sprinkle some salt then close the lid and snap both ends of the locks. Turn the press handle to lower and touch the vegetables. Please do not over press the vegetables. Thatís it. An easy way to make and enjoy tsukemono, Japanese pickles.

Washes out with warm soapy water and a sponge. Not dishwasher safe.

Comes in two different sizes, chosen from the drop down box above:

1.6 liter, 6-1/4 inches diameter, 5-1/4 inches tall, #491045 $27.95.

3.0 liter, 7-3/4 inches diameter, 6-1/4 inches tall, #491047, $37.95.

Made in Japan

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