Sakura Zundo Tetsubin

Sakura Zundo Tetsubin 50 oz.
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Product Description

This timely teapot is called by the artist "Sakura Zundo," "Cylindrical Cherry Blossom." The body of the teapot has a cherry tree bark design in shades of brown. Can be used over a flame. This tetsubin has a coating on the inside and a fixed, non-moveable handle.

Since this is a kettle type tetsubin, it does not come with a stainless steel infuser basket.

Dimensions: 5-1/2" in diameter, 6" from base to top of knob, 9-1/2" from base to top of the handle.

Capacity: 50 oz.

Made in the Nambu region of Japan

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Limited Quantity

Round wooden tray with stand available.