Japanese Tetsubin Natsume, Yamagata, Japan 50 oz.

Japanese Tetsubin Natsume, Yamagata, Japan 50 oz.
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Traditional Handmade Yamagata Tetsubin

According to tradition, iron casters from Kyoto followed the army of Minamoto Yoriyoshi in his campaign against the Abe family in the North during the Early Nine Years War (1050-1059).

Iron casters found suitable river sand from the riverside of Mamigasaki for mold manufacture, and a number of iron casters settled in the Yamagata area.

Tetsubins made in Yamagata have been well acknowledged for having thin walls and a beautiful smooth impression on the outside surface.

Stylish brown tetsubin has a copper lid with a knob that spins and makes a tinkling sound when the water boils. The lid has a multicolor pattern.

You will feel calm and relaxed after sipping steeped tea in this tetsubin. Invite friends over for tea time with this very special teapot.

It can be used right on the stove. This tetsubin has a black coating on the inside and a fixed, non-moveable handle.

This is a kettle type tetsubin so it does not come with a stainless steel infuser basket.

Capacity: 50 oz. ( 1.5 liters)

Made by Chobundo in Yamagata, Japan.

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Limited Quantity

Round wooden tray with stand available.

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