Brieto M-11 Pro, Yanagi Style Knife 10-1/2" (270mm)

Brieto M-11 Pro, Yanagi Style Knife 10-1/2" (270mm)

Brieto M-11 Pro, Yanagi Style Knife 10-1/2" (270mm)
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Blade(Honkenba): Before crafting the blade edge, the finest aruto and chuto stones are used to sharpen the blade.

Edge of the blade(Honba): The edge of the blade is sharpened by professional craftsmen to ensure maximum sharpeness and attention to the finest of details.

Blade body: The body of the Brieto knife is made using a special "subzero" treatment where it is tempered to 1050 degrees C then cooled to -73 degrees C. It is then sealed in a bath of liquified carbonic acid gas, adding to its unsurpassed hardness and durability.

Handle: The Brieto "monaka" handle uses 18-8 stainless steel, and is welded to the body giving it the ability to withstand high temperatures and high pressure washing.

Care: We recommend to use the #440-925 Sharpening Stone for the best result.

Yanagi style knife for straight and biased-cut slicing of sashimi and sushi. Yanagi means "willow" and refers to the narrow shape of the blade.

Brieto knives are forged using special types of molybdenum an vanadium based steel, and are constructed to meet the needs of even the most discerning chefs.

10-1/2"(270mm) blade, 15-3/4" long overall

Made in Japan

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