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Iwachu Gohan Nabe Iron Rice Cooker

Item# 4107189

Iwachu Gohan-Nabe maintains high heat while holding steam in to produce fluffier rice and a browned crusty layer on the bottom called Okoge.

The edge around the Gohan Nabe catches any excess water if there is boil over. To keep the rice moist during cooking, small bumps on the lid's inner surface evenly distribute condensation.

Comes in two different sizes:

8-1/2" in diameter, 5 inches tall, 3 inches deep, #718 ($150.95), for serving 3go/ cooked rice 3 cups

9-3/4" in diameter, 6 inches tall, 3-1/3 inches deep, #719 ($225.95), for serving 5go/cooked rice 5 cups

1 go =1 cup = 150 grams = approx. 5.3 oz.

Use and Care:

Handles become very hot. Always use proper potholder or glove when handling.

This rice cooker has a flat bottom and works on an induction cooking surface.

Allow pan to cool before washing.

Clean the pan with hot water and heat it to dry.

Store in a dry place. Do not expose it to salt.

Made in Japan

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