Iwachu Cast Iron Frying Pan with<br> Lid 9-1/2"Zoom

Iwachu Cast Iron Frying Pan with
Lid 9-1/2"

Item# 410682
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Cooking with/without lid.

This Iwachu cast iron pan with lid is 16-1/4 inches long with handles (41 centimeters long) x 9-1/2 inches in diameter (26 centimeters), 4-1/2 inches tall (10 centimeters tall), 7.8 lbs with lid. 4.4 lbs. without lid.

Use and Care:

Handles become hot. Always use proper potholder or glove when handling.

Allow pan to cool before washing. Clean the pan with hot water and heat it to dry. Store in a dry place. Do not expose it to salt.

This pan has a flat bottom and works on an induction cooking surface.

Made by Iwachu Japan.

Limited Quantity.

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