Iwachu Cast Iron Tempura Nabe/Deep-Fry Pan with Wire RackZoom

Iwachu Cast Iron Tempura Nabe/Deep-Fry Pan with Wire Rack

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This Iwachu cast iron tempura nabe/deep-fry pan with chrome rack is 12 inches long with handles (30.5 centimeters long) x 9-5/8 inches in diameter (24.5 centimeters in diameter), 3 inches tall (7.5 centimeters tall), 5.85 pounds (2.65 kilograms).
Inside measurements: 9 inches in diameter (23 centimeters in diameter) 2-5/8 inches tall (6.7 centimeters tall).

This cast iron tempura nabe is made well and will keep the oil temperature steady, which is important for making crispy tempura. Also can be used for baking. Pour-spout ensures easy pouring ability. Like any other well made cast iron product, if well taken care of, it can be passed on to the next generation.

Includes wire rack for draining excess oil from deep fried foods.

Use and Care:

Handles become very hot. Always use proper potholder or glove when handling.

Allow pan to cool before washing.
Clean the pan with hot water and heat it to dry.
Store in a dry place. Do not expose it to salt.

This pan has a flat bottom and works on an induction cooking surface.

Made by Iwachu in Japan

Limited Quantity.

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