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Natural Cherry Bark Wooden
Tea Set Box

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Made of bark from cherry trees and commonly used for storing tea essentials such as, a small teapot, tea cups, tea canisters, and or a tea scoop. Can attractively be used to store most anything you would like to put in it. A collectible show piece.

12-1/4 inches in diameter, 4-5/8 inches tall.

Made in Japan

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Cherry Bark Crafts from Kakunodate, Akita Prefecture

Cherry bark work was developed as a household craft of the samurai families in kakunodate during the Tenmei era (18th century). The process has been preserved until the present day as an exquisite traditional technique arising from the beautiful natural surroundings of kakunodate. Cherry bark work, such as found in tea canisters, tea boxes, is admired by many people for its simple but practical durability and its subtle color and gloss, peculiar to the bark of wild cherry trees. Since crafts made from cherry bark are created with long years of accumulated experience, good sense, and he attentions of devoted craftsman, they are widely used both at home and aboad as traditional handiwork in both name and reality. Taken from: Tabazaiku Crafts, Kakunodate, Japan

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