Bishamonten Bent/Lunch Box

Bishamonten Bento/Lunch Box
Bishamonten Bento/Lunch Box
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Product Description

Bishamonten Bento/Lunch Box

Bento/lunch box has the Kanji character "the God of Warriors" written on the top. The stackable, two tiers separate and keep foods neat and contained. Plastic lid for the top tier prevents spills and keeps foods fresh. Comes with a black elastic band to hold the tiers together. Use over and over again to help save our plant.

Durable, attractive, and easy to clean hard plastic container.

Top and bottom compartments dishwasher and microwave safe; inner lid not microwave safe and should be hand washed

8-1/8-inches by 3-3/8-inches width by 3-1/8-inches tall.

Made in Japan.

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