Sushi Oke Bamboo Design Plastic Lacquerware Trays

Sushi Oke Lacquerware Trays
Sushi Oke Lacquerware Trays
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Product Description

Sushi Oke Lacquerware Trays
Traditional plastic lacquerware sushi oke tray. Black exterior lacquer with gold bamboo design. Interior is vermillion red.

Comes in six different sizes:

8-1/2 inches in diameter 093 ($12.00)
9-1/2 inches in diameter 094 ($24.00)
12 inches in diameter 095 ($45.00)
14-1/4 inches in diamester 096 ($60.00)
15-1/2 inches in diameter 097 ($72.00)
18-1/4 inches in diameter 098 ($90.00)

Wash in mild soapy water. Please do not use abrasives. Immediately dry with soft cloth.

Made in Japan

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