Tohen Tenmoku Browon Rice <br>Pot/Do-Gama 3 gouZoom

Tohen Tenmoku Browon Rice
Pot/Do-Gama 3 gou

Tohen Tenmoku Browon Rice
Pot/Do-Gama 3 gou
Item# 190813

This thicker bottom and heavy lid Banko Yaki earthenware rice cooking pot makes fluffy, glistening rice and is great for making plain rice, variety of rice dishes.

From the manufacture directly translated from Japanese to English.

Please use the following guideline for the amount of water to add when cooking white rice. This is a rule of thumb.
1 gou uncooked rice, approx. 180 cc (3/4 cup) and 200 cc (7/8 cup)water
2 gou uncooked rice, approx. 360 cc (1-1/2 cups) and 400 cc (1-3/4 cups)water
3 gou uncooked rice, approx. 540 cc (2-1/3 cups) and 600 cc (2-2/3 cups) water


First, wash 3 gou (2-1/3 cups, 540cc) rice thoroughly and then put rice with about 600 cc (2-2/3 cups) of water into the pot.

Use the lines inside the pot as a guideline 2 gou and 3 gou going upward indicating the amount of water for size 3 gou pot.

Please adjust the amount of water based on your particular rice and preference.

Soak the rice for at least 20-30 minutes. This is very important when cooking with this pot. The optimal soaking time will depend on the quality of the rice.

Place cover lid on pot. Now you are ready to cook.

Cooking time on a gas cook top: Cover over high heat for 9-15 minutes, and then turn off heat.
1 gou - about 9 minutes cooking time from water
2 gou - about 12 minutes cooking time from water

Shutoff time is after steam starts blowing out between the top lid and the pot. However, you can extend about 2-3 minutes if you wish to have a tasty okoge which is crispy toasted rice at the bottom of the pot.

Please careful spill over if you have too high heat.

With the heat off, let rice continue to steam for 15 minutes. DO NOT lift the lid during this time. After the rice has cooked, remove the lid to allow any remaining steam to escape. Fluff up the rice thoroughly with wooden shamoji or plastic spatula. Carefully fluff up without smashing down rice.

3 gou size pot, 9-5/8 inches long (24.5 centimeters long), 7-1/2 inches in diameter (19 centimeters in diameter) 5-7/8 inches tall (15 centimeters tall), 6.17 pounds (2.8 kilograms), $129.95 item #190813.

Before first time use:
First, pour rice water into the pot and boil it for a few minuets.

Always protect your hands with oven mitts and pot holders when handles are hot.

Comes with wooden trivet and use to protect countertops and tables.

Wash pot with soft sponge or tawashi in warm water after cool down. Rinse with water and dry well before store the pot.

Made by Santo in Japan

Limited Quantity.

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